Amdi: Life on the Balkan streets, without a moustache

We are sitting in a small Red Cross Macedonia waiting room, or alcove really, where virtually all the wall space is filled by framed certificates, making sure anyone who arrives early feels the… Continue reading

Louis in Athens: “Drogba and I are from the same village”

Louis, 23, plays for Greece’s Homeless Football team, which trains every Sunday evening on a pitch on the outskirts of Athens. Louis: “I eat football, I sleep football, I wake up: football! I… Continue reading

Working with long-term homelessness in Porto

“When I first started here, I thought I would change the world,” says Claudia, “I very quickly realised that wouldn’t happen.” Claudia is an outreach worker at the Porto distribution point of the… Continue reading

Hausing Center, Belgrade – Post coming soon

Inside the UK’s biggest prison art collection

Ambling down a leafy residential street away from East Acton tube station, the gates of HMP Wormwood Scrubs are an unexpected sight. “The Scrubs” is best known to the general public for its iconic opening… Continue reading