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Branislava, Hausing Center, Belgrade


Football practice, Athens

Why I decided to visit streetpapers

I think I first decided to make a kind of alternative trip talking to people on the fringes of society when I learned that there was a network of streetpapers scattered across Europe.… Continue reading

About this project

According to figures from the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN) and released by the UK’s Department for Communities and Local Government, 6,437 people were seen rough sleeping in the UK between 2012… Continue reading

Lice v Lice: Filling the gap in Macedonian media

When we visit the fifth-floor offices of the streetpaper Lice v Lice in late July, the International Network of Streetpapers (INSP)’s annual conference is fast approaching. For Lice v Lice founder Klimentina Ilijevski,… Continue reading

Fridays at Momin Potok, Macedonia

One thing Momin Potok currently doesn’t lack is water. There are perhaps four hundred of the two-litre bottles heaped in front of us, for a centre that receives about 40 people per week. “For Serbia,”… Continue reading

Working with long-term homelessness in Porto

“When I first started here, I thought I would change the world,” says Claudia, “I very quickly realised that wouldn’t happen.” Claudia is an outreach worker at the Porto distribution point of the… Continue reading