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“There’s a Homeless World Cup?”

Even after thirteen years of running, an idea can still blow some people away. Yesterday the Homeless World Cup kicked off in Santiago, Chile, for what is the thirteenth tournament of its kind.… Continue reading

Elenora: “We need a shelter in the centre of Skopje”

Before I visit Elenora, head of the unit for social, child and health protection, in the city of Skopje, I have already heard a lot about the role of the civil service in… Continue reading

Amdi: Life on the Balkan streets, without a moustache

We are sitting in a small Red Cross Macedonia waiting room, or alcove really, where virtually all the wall space is filled by framed certificates, making sure anyone who arrives early feels the… Continue reading

Louis in Athens: “Drogba and I are from the same village”

Louis, 23, plays for Greeceā€™s Homeless Football team, which trains every Sunday evening on a pitch on the outskirts of Athens. Louis: “I eat football, I sleep football, I wake up: football! I… Continue reading

Hausing Center, Belgrade – Post coming soon